The Colin Barnfather Memorial Scholarship

Take advantage of MissImp’s brand new scholarship programme.

MissImp are a part of Nottingham’s cultural landscape and we are looking to increase the diversity of our community in many areas. We understand that it can be difficult to attend courses like this for a variety of reasons, and we want to improve access to training for everyone, irrespective of racial identity, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, income, gender identity, and ability.

As part of the Spring 2017 Level 1 course, we are planning to award up to two places on the course to scholars, free of charge. To apply for a scholarship, you’ll need to submit an application (maximum 250 words) explaining how you meet our criteria and how you intend to use the learning to benefit the Nottingham improv community. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old and able to attend the course on 29 and 30 April 2017.

Apply by email to, subject ‘MissImp Scholarship’ by 2 April 2017. We will announce any successful applicants by 9 April 2017.

Successful applicants will be awarded a ‘free’ place on the intensive Level 1 course.