17155597_10158252290175375_5570576752346333563_n“Lloydie” James Lloyd

Lloydie joined MissImp in January 2009 and is a self-confessed improv nerd.  In 2012 Lloydie developed MissImp’s three level improv program, for which he is a regular teacher. (see Improv Comedy Courses).

In 2010 Lloydie started training at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and has made a couple of trips to train in longform improv there. In July 2012 he studied at The Annoyance Theatre under such improv legends as Mick Napier (author of the book Improvise) and Susan Messing. In Jan 2013 he began the sketch writing program of The Second City, Chicago.

Since then,  Lloydie has performed at the Del Close Marathon in New York, Chinese Menu Comedy in Washington DC, at the Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, and more. As well as Missimp & Rhymes Against Humanity, he is a member of one of the UK’s leading improv groups: The Maydays and regularly performs and teaches across the UK and beyond.

wpid-li_scaled_profile_pictureNick Tyler

Nick’s been involved in MissImp since about 2003 as performer, teacher and organiser. You’ll know him as the wide-eyed host of Gorilla Burgers, regular drop-in runner, and all-around nice guy!

Nick has taken instruction wherever possible and likes to give credit to all sorts of people outside MissImp including Kevin Tomlinson, Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Baby Wants Candy and Heather & Joe from The Maydays.


nick-4Nick “Parky” Parkhouse

Parky’s been with MissImp for eight years and has trained dozens of improvisors on both the Level 1 and Level 2 courses, including members of Rhymes Against Humanity, Vox Pops and the Millions of Voices team.

Nick’s trained under improv legends from around the world, including Susan Messing, Chelsea Clarke, Klaus-Peter Schreiner and Brandon Gardner. He’s a regular host and performer in a range of different MissImp shows, runs many of MissImp’s drop-in improv workshops and he is a two-time winner of the MissImp Outstanding Contribution award.


Marilyn Ann BirdMarilyn Bird