One-Off Workshops

In addition to our in-house courses, Missimp are committed to bringing the best teachers and improvisers from around the UK and across the world to Nottingham. Here they run various one and two day workshops aimed at pushing improvisers after our Level Two on a host of improv topics, ranging from slow, emotion lead improv, to characterisation, to musical improv, and more!

People who have completed our Level One and Level Two courses will qualify for advanced booking on our courses and workshops lead by external teachers.
H&J Workshop

Previous teachers include:

Chelsea Clarke (UCB Theatre, New York)
Shannon O’Neill (UCB Theatre, New York)
Lydia Hensler (UCB Theatre, New York)
Brandon Gardner (UCB Theatre, New York)
Susan Messing (The Annoyance Theatre, iO Theatre, Chicago)
Jason Shotts & Colleen Doyle (iO West)
Heather Urquhart (The Maydays, Showstopper!)
Joe Samuel (The Maydays)
Jenny Rowe (Impromptu Shakespeare, The Maydays)
Jules Munns (Artistic Director of the Nursery Theatre, The Maydays)
Susan Harrison (Showstopper!, Beings)



If you’ve got any queries about the course, please send us a message before booking your place.

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