Expectations for conveners and leaders of MissImp workshops, jams and classes.

By running a session we take responsibility for giving attendees a good experience (and possibly value for money). Attendees have a reasonable expectation that the session is being run by someone sufficiently qualified or experienced to help them understand and improve the skills featured in that session. Remember – people are paying to be instructed and to be guided in improv play. They deserve a good, well planned session.

All sessions must have the following:


Aims and/or objectives which can be clearly stated. Workshops and courses are generally aimed at developing particular skill sets or understanding and practicing a specific element of improvisation. Jams are by their nature often more general and directed at practising skills learned elsewhere. This is not exclusive; a jam may equally focus on a specific element, game or idea.


All sessions should seek to develop some aspect or aspects of improvisation – these may be simple concepts such as agreement or more complex forms such as long form or musical improvisation. Sessions should guide the participants through a relevant series of exercises, games and discussion of theory and practice

Warm Up

A physical and vocal warm up are essential for safety, developing group mind and getting improvisers out of their heads and into improv. We have a responsibility to help attendees avoid harm to their bodies and voices as in any participatory activity such as sport or other performing arts. The warm up should be tailored where necessary, for example when planning to sing.

Information about the session

There is a blog post feed for training, workshop and jam related information on missimp.co.uk which feeds onto Twitter and Facebook and to website subscribers.

Before the session

Posts should be added in advance of sessions advertising the intended contents of the session, whether for a workshop, course or jam. The post should include information about who is running the session, the aims and/or objectives of the session – even if this is just a ‘name and games out of the hat’ jam that is still worth knowing; the aim is to practise playing games.

This helps attendees decide whether they wish to attend and what they should expect.

After the session

A further blog post summarising the exercises covered and any observations and learning points from the session where appropriate.

Whaddaya think?

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