Improv Drop-In: Thursday 21 February 2019

This week’s drop-in: Super Agreement 

Brought to you by Richard.

So there is an improviser named Katy Schutte (author of a great book called The Improviser’s Way: A Longform Workbook) who wrote about the improv phenomenon of pimping as follows:

“When we ask someone to ‘read that poem you’ve been working on’ or ‘do that dance’ we call it Pimping. Pimping is making someone do something they are likely uncomfortable with for the audience to enjoy.”

It can be hilarious, but it’s not necessarily the best way to interact with our scene partners (though knowing someone can, and will, deliver a fresh limerick on demand is spectacular). There is more to a scene than getting laughs for awkward challenges. There are other and kinder ways to offer opportunities to our team mates.

So for this drop in I want to play with how we give offers and how we receive them. It will be forced to begin with, opening up to let people do what they want as things go on.

7.30 – 9.30pm | £5 / 3 concessions
The Malt Cross (downstairs in the workshop) | 16 St James’s St | Nottingham | NG1 6FG

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Gorilla Burger – Improvised Comedy Carnage – Thursday 14 February 2019

Gorilla Burger – The Lovers Edition

Our monthly jam is back with a vengeance this Valentine’s Day, ready to crash Cupid’s party with a host of improv games and scenes where YOU are the star!

This month, Liam takes the wheel as we trial some new stuff: long-form sections in the jam! Alongside the usual names and games being drawn from a hat, in each half there will also be a seven-person, ten minute longform slot. If you’re in a longform slot, you’re not in the hat of names and vice versa for that half – more playtime for everyone! Sign up for the longform teams will be first come, first served, right at the start before the show begins – so make sure you’re there early enough…

New to all this? Ace. If you fancy having a go, we’ll pop your name in a hat with some other fabulous folk. When we draw your name it will be time to shine! We’ll pop you in a game or a scene with some of those aforementioned fabulous folk, and comedy will ensue, honest! Of course, you don’t have to perform! You can remain happily anonymous in the audience, settle back with a pint, and enjoy the show.

The Malt Cross | 16 St James’s Street | Nottingham | NG1 6FG
7.30pm | £5 / £3 concessions

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Improv Drop-In: Thursday 7 February 2019

This week’s drop-in: Happy Accidents 

Brought to you by Ben.

Unfortunately AJ Orta has had to cancel tonight’s planned drop-in Gifts in the Silence due to issues with flights from California. But the drop in goes ahead!

We rarely get what we expect in improv and the unexpected can easily throw us off our stride. This week is all about making these moments into opportunities. We are going to look at dealing with curveballs, going back to basics with Yes And, and keeping hold of a character through events which might make us break.

7.30 – 9.30pm | £5 / 3 concessions
The Malt Cross (downstairs in the workshop) | 16 St James’s St | Nottingham | NG1 6FG

Improv Drop-In: Thursday 31 January 2019

This week’s drop-in: 240 Characters (and More) 

Brought to you by Emily.

This workshop is for if you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut with your character work! We’ll be exploring ways to play further away from ourselves – from playing different people to animals to inanimate objects!

From nuanced and Oscar-worthy to silly and wacky, we’ll be trying out some new exercises that’ll help you reach beyond yourself and discover a whole host of characters you can play!

7.30 – 9.30pm | £5 / 3 concessions
The Malt Cross (downstairs in the workshop) | 16 St James’s St | Nottingham | NG1 6FG

Improv Drop-In: Thursday 24 January 2019

This week’s drop-in: Making a Connection

Brought to you by Liam.

Ever feel a bit adrift in a scene? A simple answer to this predicament is just reconnecting with your scene partner – they’re the only other person on that stage with you, and the only way you’re gonna make this work is by pulling together!

We’re gonna work on a bunch of exercises about establishing a connection between two improvisers and how finding that connection (be it at the beginning of a scene, or part way through) can be the thing that really gets the scene going!

7.30 – 9.30pm | £5 / 3 concessions
The Malt Cross (downstairs in the workshop) | 16 St James’s St | Nottingham | NG1 6FG