Rhymes Against Humanity - Musical Improvised Comedy

Rhymes Against Humanity (RAH) is MissImp’s musical improv team. This group of intrepid players make up scenes, songs, and entire musicals from scratch. Andrew Lloyd Webber may have taken months to write the score for Sunset Boulevard but these guys don’t even get a rehearsalrhymes1.jpg – they take the name of a made-up musical from the audience and from there create an entire musical on the spot with live accompaniment. Audiences have been left laughing, crying, and singing tunes that will never be sung again by this breathtaking bunch of spontaneous songwriters!

RAH have been performing for two years now, and have performed at venues across Nottingham including the Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham Actor’s Studio (now Talent 1st Organisation), and more, as well as at venues and events across the UK including Edinburgh Fringe 2017, and the Birmingham Improv Festival.

Follow Rhymes Against Humanity at:
Twitter: @rhymesimprov
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Facebook: @rhymesimprov


Cast headshots by Diana Parkhouse & Liam Webber, group photo by Mark Fear